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New mobile game will put you in the middle of the Archer: Dreamland action

Archer (Image: FXX)

We’re two weeks out from the release of Archer: Dreamland, the latest, weirdest season to date for FX (now FXX’s) debonair-superspy-turned-comatose-private-eye Sterling Archer. (And on a personal note, as the show’s reviewer here at The A.V. Club: It’s fantastic.) But while fans will probably spend the intervening time sharpening up their favorite obscure literary references and “phrasing” jokes, FXX is offering up a fun little distraction as an alternative. Archer P.I. is a new augmented reality mobile game that’s set up to let players play along with the show’s new noir-tinged season.

Download the game (which is available for both iOS and Android) and you’ll be plunked down into the offices of Woodhouse And Archer, gumshoes, as Archer’s latest partner/drink-pourer. The actual gameplay so far mostly involves tapping items on the screen and taking pictures of Archer-related promo materials (and it’s kind of heart-breaking that they couldn’t get H. Jon Benjamin to provide some vocals), but there’ll be more to do once the season premieres on April 5. (The idea is that there’ll be a new “case’ every episode, although it’s not clear how meaty they’ll be.) In the meantime, clue-hunters can dig into the show’s trailers and posters for a few early AR finds already.


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