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The days when three-martini lunches, bossa nova, and grabbing your secretary’s ass were cool are far behind us as a culture. Whether that’s a good thing depends on your alcohol tolerance, as well as your tolerance for being treated like a human avocado by people who clearly don’t respect you and never will. (Nobody tolerates bossa nova anymore.) In other words, Hugh Hefner’s tastemaker days are over, leaving the 89-year-old Playboy founder to sit in a hazy cloud of reverie and probably his own filth while attractive young women feed him applesauce, wishing they had pursued that cosmetology certificate after all.

But there are still those willing to take up the masculine mantle for Hefner, like the producers of an upcoming miniseries about his life, American Playboy: The Hugh Hefner Story. The series, according to Deadline’s report, will shoot sometime this year and will “chronicle the daily life of the mercurial Editor In Chief from 1953 to today,” exploring Playboy’s changing cultural status—it was actually quite progressive in its day—and role in the sexual revolution. The series doesn’t have a network yet, but is being produced with the full cooperation of Playboy Enterprises, and will include materials from the magazine, as well as Hefner’s video and photographic archives, in a hybrid “docudrama” style. You know, the kind of thing that old people like to fall asleep to in front of the TV.


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