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New Mila Kunis film confirms: "Friends With Benefits" is the new "cougar"

Picking up on the red-hot trend of emotionless rutting that’s sweeping the nation, Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake have signed up to star in Friends With Benefits, a romantic comedy from The Loop co-creator Will Gluck about two friends who “try to take their relationship to the next level” by seeking cold comfort in each other’s genitals while trying to avoid upsetting their natural platonic balance. Bet there’s complications!

As Variety points out, this is but one of many projects based around that premise that are currently in development, including Ivan Reitman’s own Friends With Benefits—which may be forced to reclaim its original title, Fuckbuddies, but probably won’t—and an NBC pilot currently being considered for the fall, also with that same name. All this in addition to that upcoming, excruciating-looking, “Friends With Benefits”-based episode of Cougar Town advertised during last night’s Lost, which seems like the sort of thing that would be enough to cool any and all interest in the idea and embarrass everyone into never saying that phrase aloud again—but then, people still say “cougar,” too. F.W.B., everybody!


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