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New mashup has The Simpsons rapping along to Redman’s latest track

Even for The Simpsons, it’s hard to stay fresh after 26 years. With over 579 episodes, plots get recycled, gags get repurposed, and it becomes difficult to stay on the cutting edge of various fads and trends. Luckily, Animal Robot has found a way to inject some new life into the residents of Springfield, thanks to a new mashup featuring Redman’s latest single, “Dopeman.”

Animal Robot has previously had The Muppets and the cast of The Fantastic Mr. Fox rapping along to various songs in a seamless manner. Now he has turned his eye to the yellow-skinned denizens of Matt Groening’s creation to spit mad rhymes. The video is once again an excellent example of putting words into other people’s mouths, and there’s ample fodder and footage to tell the story of a dopeman traveling the world and gaining fans. The song is only slightly catchier than “Do The Bartman,” but it‘s still a fun time watching Fat Tony and Carl Carlson, among many others, rap along with Redman.

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