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New Luke Cage set photos reveal another villain

Marvel's Jessica Jones

New images from the set of Netflix’s Luke Cage have given Marvel fans even more reason to be excited for the upcoming series. The photos, recently uploaded to First Look and Twitter, reveal Mike Colter as the show’s titular hero, staging a street fight on location in New York with Erik LaRay Harvey in costume as Willis Stryker, a.k.a. Diamondback. In the comic-book canon, Stryker is a gang member and childhood friend of Cage’s. The two had a falling out over a shared romantic interest early in the Luke Cage: Hero for Hire series run, and things quickly got very punchy and stabby. Known for his expertise in knife-wielding, Stryker utilizes a collection of trick knives that explode, release toxic gas, and emit sonic waves.


TV viewers will likely recognize Harvey as Boardwalk Empire’s Dunn Purnsley, another professional criminal who got into a memorably brutal tussle with a former friend over the affections of a lady. Hopefully he doesn’t get typecast, because there can’t be that many roles for that specific character trait. (Can there?)

Other series antagonists will include Mahershala Ali (House Of Cards) as the drug dealer Cottonmouth, Theo Rossi (Sons Of Anarchy) as the criminal-turned-community organizer Shades, and Alfre Woodard (Captain America: Civil War) as the crime boss Black Mariah. Between the three of them, the unbreakable hero should be kept pretty busy. Luke Cage will begin streaming on Netflix on September 30, but you can tide yourself over with this teaser trailer for now.

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