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Though it long ago become another Sandman situation—beloved comic readied for adaptation, only to have it fall apart over and over again, until you long to be visited by sweet, sexy Death—Y: The Last Man is apparently still in the running at New Line, who has made it a "first priority." This latest update comes from Vulture, who reports that the studio is newly excited by a draft from former Jericho writers Matthew Federman and Stephen Scaia, and is currently meeting with directors to find someone to take over for the (most recently) departed DJ Caruso. When Caruso abandoned the project in 2010, it was because he didn't believe he could possibly fit Brian K. Vaughan's sprawling, post-apocalyptic epic about the death of every male mammal on Earth (save one guy and his monkey) into a single film that would do it justice, seeing as it's far better suited to a trilogy (if not a TV series).


There's no official word on whether doing just one movie is still the plan—though considering the way Warner Bros. has balked at committing to similar sprawling epics like The Dark Tower, that seems likely. There is, in fact, no official word on anything yet. For all we know, "making a Y: The Last Man movie" could just be a ruse the studio trots out every few years to hold lots of female casting sessions that are then culled into harems. But on the off-chance New Line executives love their wives, it's possible a film may finally be on the way.

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