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New Line plops The Babysitter in front of Netflix

This is McG, not The Babysitter (Photo: Jason LaVeris/Getty Images)

Despite the ratings climb, McG’s not resting on his Lethal Weapon laurels. The TV producer recently switched gears to return to film with The Babysitter. The project was lined up at New Line, but now Variety reports that Netflix has hired The Babysitter away, presumably with lots of money and full fridge privileges. Apparently, New Line’s crowded release slate left little room for the horror-comedy, which stars Bella Thorne as the titular babysitter who has a frightening secret. She’s in a Satanic cult, and she wants to kill the kid she’s been hired to look after—you know, that old story.

The movie has been completed, and since Netflix bought the rights, we could potentially set our kids down in front of the laptop with The Babysitter sometime in the next year. The movie also stars Samara Weaving, Demolitions Judah Lewis, and The Flashs Robbie Amell. Thorne, Amell, and McG last worked together on The DUFF, so adjust your expectations accordingly.


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