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Listen up everybody if you wanna take a chance: New Kids On The Block obviously weren't kidding when they said if you try to keep them down they're gonna come right back, because the quintessential boy band (except for perhaps New Edition) is gearing up for a reunion tour, with an official announcement expected during a performance on tomorrow's Today show. More than just a "greatest hits" victory lap, the group has reportedly been working on some fresh funky jams: Donny "The Tough One" Wahlberg said, "I had no interest in going out on a nostalgia tour and singing the same material," but relented when he heard that his former bandmates were interested in recording new music. Since then Wahlberg, Jordan Knight, and Joey McIntyre have been working hard on a comeback album due for release later this year. But don't worry, former preteens who cried themselves to sleep to "Please Don't Go Girl": On this tour they will "absolutely do the old songs for sure."

And now, just to make you feel fucking old, here's a photo of the mostly fortysomething group, whose youngest member—reformed hat fetishist Joey—recently turned 35. Squeal away!

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