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Photo collage by Nick Wanserski (Photos: Getty Images)

Netflix’s Fuller House will probably never welcome back the littlest Tanner (that is, either of the now 30-year-old twins who portrayed her), as Jodie Sweetin recently revealed that producers would cut it out with the attempts to lure them back. Instead, the show will try to fill that void with a line of guest stars who were once relevant. Having looked back to 1987-1995 (when the show was on the air) and surveyed the mess of pegged jeans and Hypercolor shirts, the producers have singled out Boston’s own New Kids On The Block, who are currently middle-aged men on a boat.


According to TV Line, the boy band will appear in a season two episode. The Knight brothers, Jordan and Jonathan, as well as Donnie Wahlberg, Danny Wood, and Joe(y) McIntyre will take time to wish D.J. (Candace Cameron Bure) a happy birthday after Stephanie and Kimmy ruin the night for her. They will presumably sing “Favorite Girl” to D.J., who will remember that her dead husband used to sing that to her, and then there will be a group hug for the ages.

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