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New Kids On The Block + Backstreet Boys = the new boy-band supergroup NKOTBSB

Proving once again that boy bands, like people, shrink in stature as they grow older, faded pin-ups the New Kids On The Block and Backstreet Boys have teamed up to form a mildly notable new supergroup, NKOTBSB. (There's actually only four out of five Backstreet Boys involved, which will no doubt cause boy-band purists to argue that this is not, in fact, a true supergroup. But we digress.) This alphabet soup of harmony and romantic longing is planning a summer tour that opens June 2 in something called Uncasville, Connecticut, and continues through the end of July. But NKO etc. etc. isn’t content to sing the hits and maybe fulfill some backstage fantasies for scores of 30something-year-old women. Nope, they’ve also hit the studio, and based on their first single “Don’t Turn Off The Lights,” we're guessing the group’s forthcoming album (due out May 24) will sound like the competent but bland collection you’d expect from just one of these groups.


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