Just in time for an especially bleak Christmas, Rhino is due to release a new Joy Division collection with the  impossible-to-Google title +- on Dec. 6, a vinyl box set of 10 discs of the band's most loved songs—many of which have been previously individually released, true, but some that have not. However, the set will also feature new artwork by longtime collaborator Peter Saville (who recently designed the coolest tombstone ever for Factory Records mastermind Tony Wilson), while the first 500 of the 5000-copy limited edition collection will also contain an original Saville artwork, so that’s pretty cool. The songs will also be released via iTunes—although, obviously, if you’re “a Joy Division fan” and you don’t own these songs, what have you been listening to, exactly? Here’s the complete track listing of +- (available for pre-order now), assembled by journalist, friend of the band, and writer of the 2007 documentary Joy Division, Jon Savage:

A. 'Warsaw'
B. Leaders Of Men

A: 'No Love Lost'
B: 'Failures'

A: 'Digital'
B: 'Glass'

A: 'Autosuggestion'
B: 'From Safety To Where'

A: 'Transmission'
B: 'Novelty'

A: 'Atmosphere'
B: 'Dead Souls'

A: 'Komakino'
B1: 'Incubation'
B2: 'As You Said'

A: 'Love Will Tear Us Apart'
B: 'These Days'

A: 'She's Lost Control' (12-inch Version)
B: 'Love Will Tear Us Apart 2' (Pennine Version)

A: 'Isolation'
B: 'Heart And Soul'