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New Jersey considering adopting "Snooki Law" to avoid similar damage in the future

Potentially limiting the state's profitable exporting of Italian people yelling at each other, a New Jersey assemblyman has introduced a bill that would allow towns to regulate the production of reality television as any other business, whatever legitimate, non-reality TV-related business the state of New Jersey might currently be involved in. Fittingly, the bill is named the "Snookiville Law" after Jersey Shore cast member Snooki, whose deregulated behavior led to a drain on public resources due to the increased police presence required to manage crowds and Snooki. Its provisions include things such as requiring TV crews to pay for those additional police officers themselves, as well as enabling local officials to negotiate optimal conditions for making their state look awful, just awful. It does not, of course, have any legal bearing on the actual Snooki, as that is really more of an environmental issue.


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