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It’s been almost three decades since Talking Heads called it quits and in the time since there’s been little reason to expect a reunion tour. The appearance of an Instagram account, though—even one with no posts to date or official verification—has fans going flippy-floppy over the potential that, at long last, Talking Heads will be sending everyone the angel of some kind of announcement soon.


@talkingheadsofficial contains nothing more than a band logo, link to some merch, and the promise that it is, indeed, the “Official Instagram account for Talking Heads,” but it does currently follow only six other accounts—a small group that includes David Byrne, Chris Frantz, Jerry Harrison, and Adrian Belew, who played on Remain In Light and was a touring member of the band. Because of this, all sorts of slippery people are staying up late in the hopes that something might be coming to their cities soon. As Billboard points out, next year is Remain In Light’s 40th anniversary and “Harrison already announced he’ll be celebrating by playing a series of special shows with Adrian Belew and funk band Turkuaz.”

This, alongside the unexpected appearance of what looks to be Talking Heads’ first social media account, has led people to start freaking out about what it all might mean.


All of this may be the first part of a once in a lifetime announcement or just a disappointing road to nowhere, but that hasn’t deterred fans, who have stayed hungry for any sort of good news for so long that they can’t begin imagining all sorts of exciting 2020 tour possibilities, like, say, David Byrne performing in a suit that’s way too small this time or, um, dancing with a more modern kind of lamp.


For now, with nothing else to go on, you, too, are invited to stare blankly at the empty Instagram account, hoping that Talking Heads will soon be reunited, ready to begin dancing (and playing and singing) for money.

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