Ever since it was introduced, Humble Bundle has given PC gamers—and even the rare Mac or Linux gamer—a chance to get a whole bunch of games (or books or comics or movies) for as much or as little money as they want to pay, with at least some of the proceeds going to various charities. The charity angle is a brilliant scheme, because it makes the consumer feel both pride for having given a couple dollars to a worthy cause, but also shame for not giving more. In theory, they might then pay more money the next time the Humble Bundle rolls around, and at that point they’ll have collected dozens of PC games that they’ll probably never play, so it’s almost like they never bought anything in the first place.

Now, the people behind Humble Bundle have come up with a new scheme that is just as clever: For $12 a month, you can have the privilege of getting even more games you’ll never play sent directly to your inbox with the Humble Monthly Bundle. The official website says the games will be “highly curated,” so that sounds good, but there’s still no guarantee that Humble Bundle won’t throw in five copies of Mary Kate And Ashley: Go-Kart Teens one month just to screw with everybody. Also, while the normal Humble Bundles allow you to decide how much of your money goes to charity, the Humble Monthly Bundle will specifically give away 5 percent of each month’s proceeds.


You have to sign up before November 6 in order to receive the next Humble Monthly Bundle, so get on that if you want to make sure you get those copies of Mary Kate And Ashley: Go-Kart Teens.