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Hoping to do for electronic communications what The Ring did for videotapes, Twilight's Nikki Reed is set to star in a supernatural thriller about every human being's most deep-seated, primal fear: cursed emails. Having contemplated what kind of title could capture that film’s complex plot, while also appealing to a mass audience of horror-enthusiasts, the film’s creators settled on Email, because at least that way audiences know exactly what they are getting into.


According to Coming Soon, the film follows a young journalist (Reed) who travels to Singapore to investigate her sister’s death. Naturally, she discovers her sister is one of a string of bizarre fatalities, all involving a “cursed email.” And while we wish we were making this up, this is actually a real movie that is set to begin filming in May. As Reed’s character tries to solve the mystery of the cursed email—again, people are being paid for their participation in this film—she meets an ex-pat named Ted who helps her face supernatural forces and unravel a huge conspiracy. Presumably the movie will end with Ted turning to the camera and explaining, “And that’s how I met your mother.”

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