The question of what Zooey Deschanel is made of—besides optimism, lightweight cotton, and roughly 9.5 gallons of tomato soup—will finally be answered on this season of New Girl, when the returning Fox series brings in Jamie Lee Curtis and Rob Reiner, asks you to imagine them having sex at least one time, then asks you to believe that coupling would then produce Zooey Deschanel. The appearance and argument for the mysteries of genetics comes as part of a Thanksgiving episode centered on a "Parent Trap-style" scheme to reunite Jess's two divorced parents—a film it will mirror exactly, except in the sense of involving a twin sister Jess is suddenly reunited with after many years, presumably, unless Emily Deschanel or Katy Perry is also stopping by. So far neither is on the casting list for the season, though Carla Gugino is, with her once more playing a sexily commanding, Carla Gugino-type woman who ensnares Max Greenfield's Schmidt in a contractually bound, Fifty Shades Of Grey-type relationship—a book it will mirror exactly, except in the sense of anal beads.