Fox has renewed its increasingly mislabeled New Girl, giving a fifth season to the show about a woman who is actually quite familiar by now, as well as increasingly just another part of a mixed-gender ensemble. Thirtysomething Men And Women You Know Quite Well And Who Are Probably Too Old To Still Be Sharing An Apartment, But That’s Crucial To The Comedy is actually already in production on those new episodes, as the series attempts to get ahead of Zooey Deschanel’s real-life-pregnancy—something it doesn’t plan to incorporate, as nothing kills the fun of a bunch of youngish people hanging out like a baby.

Joining those youngish people next year will be John Cho, recently loosed from Selfie, who will guest star in a few episodes as a guy that Deschanel’s Jess meets at jury duty. It’s unclear whether Cho will then be promoted to regular, perhaps as a replacement for the departing-for-real-this-time Damon Wayans Jr., once the roommates realize their loft needs a minimum of five people to pay Los Angeles rent. As previously reported, also guest starring next season is Taran Killam, Henry Winkler, and Julie Hagerty, all of whom will really offset the bills when they move in.


The fifth season will also see New Girl reach its landmark 100th episode, which come on now, is definitely enough time to know a girl.