Only In America With Larry The Cable Guy

Most American game shows aren’t really known for being especially difficult, and they tend to require little more than a basic familiarity with letters or a reasonable level of competence in balancing eggs while Guy Fieri yells in the background. That’s all about to change, though, because Deadline says a production company called Thinkfactory Media is now developing what could be the single most challenging game show in the history of the human race.

It’s based on a show from Finland called Hide The Smile, and it challenges contestants to keep a straight face while watching professional funny people do funny things. The examples Deadline gives for funny things are “bizarre scenarios, outlandish costumes, and surprise celebrity guests,” which do sound pretty funny in a Jimmy Fallon way, but the American version of Hide The Smile is going to crank up the difficulty so high that it could be nearly impossible to win. How is Thinkfactory Media going to pull this off? Three words: Git. R. Done.

Yes, the American version of Hide The Smile will be hosted by Larry “Daniel Whitney” The Cable Guy, the funniest person ever. Admit it: You laughed a little just reading his name. Now picture yourself on TV with a ton of money on the line, and you have to try not to laugh while he marches on stage in a trucker hat and sleeveless shirt, makes a goofy face, and then screams “git-r-done” as loud as he can. You wouldn’t be able to make it five seconds, let alone however long you have to last in order to win good money. This is like asking someone to play Jeopardy! while only using their nose to buzz in, and also the clues are all written in a language that Alex Trebek made up, you’re competing against a Ken Jennings robot that knows the answer to every question ever, and the robot is fluent is Trebekish. It is, in other words, virtually impossible to not laugh at Larry The Cable Guy. His jokes, however, are a different story….