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New Game Of Thrones poster confirms fire, ice

Game Of Thrones (Image: HBO)

HBO is getting ready to dust off its dragons and oil up the fancy mechanical credits map, as Game Of Thronesseventh season rapidly approaches. Amidst all the tales of actors freezing their asses off, and beloved character actors spilling the beans about their parts, the network has released a new poster ahead of the show’s still-unscheduled debut.

(Image: HBO)

And while we’re not a hundred percent sure “#GoTS7” rolls off the tongue as cleanly as some HBO marketing executive might think, you have to admire the simplicity of the thing. Ice? Check. Fire? Check. A song about them? Who can say, but if this is finally the season we get to watch giant dragons fight ice zombies, we can probably let it slide. Either way, Game Of Thrones is expected to return to the airwaves some time this summer.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]

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