Star Wars: The Force Awakens

In what appears to be a concerted effort to provoke a serious heart condition in Star Wars fans everywhere, ScreenCrush has tentatively confirmed its report, based on anonymous sources, that a new Force Awakens trailer will surface this upcoming Monday, October 19, possibly just a half hour before tickets for initial showings go on sale. Given that the film is already the best entry in the Star Wars series, according to fans who haven’t seen it, this arrangement could result in some sort of record for tickets sold a full two months before a movie even hits theaters.

As an appetizer for the madness, rumors are also flying that an official poster for The Force Awakens featuring the film’s official logo will debut the day before, Sunday, October 18. ScreenCrush claims the new trailer will follow on ESPN during a “special Star Wars-themed” Monday Night Football, which makes sense considering that the network is owned by Disney and draws a huge audience looking for a reason to forget it’s Monday.


Pre-sale tickets are reportedly supposed to launch around 8:30 p.m. EST Monday night, and will be for shows beginning December 17 at 7pm. Naturally, there are plenty of public Star Wars marathons planned to ramp audiences up to the new film, because nothing gets fans attentive and ready for a two-hour visual feast like 13-plus hours of cinema directly before it. Plan your Red Bull-fueled chest pains accordingly.

[h/t /Film]