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New Fight Club Blu-Rays not actually defective

We were delighted, then baffled, then again delighted when the new Blu-Ray version of Fight Club arrived in the mail the other day. Popping it into the A.V. Club Blu-Ray player we watched in dismay as the menu screen appeared, and with it images and music from 1999 Drew Barrymore comedy Never Been Kissed. As much as we adore that movie—with its documentary-like depiction of the Chicago journalism scene—it was Fight Club we wanted to watch. Then the image gave way to Fight Club’s familiar living IKEA catalog and we realized we’d been duped.

So, what the what? We talked to Fox and it turns it’s a late-arriving Fight Club-style gag from Fincher himself, who chose an un-Fight Club-like movie from the same year that Fight Club bombed at the box office. Barrymore, a friend of Norton’s, approved the gag.

And now you know.

Here's our favorite scene from Fight Club, by the way:

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