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Good news for fans of Sherlock, vampires, and nuns armed with wooden stakes: The first teaser for the BBC’s forthcoming Dracula series has arrived.

Created by Sherlock creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss (both also of Nu-Who fame), this three-part series doesn’t yet have a release date, but it does have the above creepy-ass teaser, a distributor outside the U.K. (Netflix), and a terrific cast. That last is toplined by Claes Bang (The Square) in the titular role, and also includes Joanna Scanlan (The Thick Of It), John Heffernan (Jonanthan Strange & Mr. Norrell), Dolly Wells (Can You Ever Forgive Me?), and Gatiss himself.


The teaser, brief and choppy though it may be, is still pretty exciting. We’re into the fighting nuns, we’re into the terrifying box person, we’re into that score, and we’re into Bang’s casting for sure. We could, however, do without the fingernail stuff.

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