In an interview with Spin, head Dirty Projector Dave Longstreth said the band's new album is almost done and should be released by next spring. The not-yet-titled record was conceived in an abandoned house that Longstreth claims is haunted, which naturally informs the music. "A lot of the songs are about horror or fear," he said. "Considering the last decade, it just didn't feel right to be making this super exuberant music." The tracks include "a 'Thriller'-style song" called "About to Die" that's "like a monster song, except the monster is the looming specter of meaninglessness and existential nausea." The record also includes "Maybe That Was It," a not-very-spooktacular-sounding song that's supposedly a response to The Strokes' 2001 album Is This It. [via Pitchfork]