Sentient Internet meme/completely sincere South African hip-hop dup Die Antwoord is prepared to release the follow-up to its 2010 debut, $O$, according to Spin. The record, entitled Tensions, is due this coming January, and by Spin’s account, it looks to give fans of musical provocation and dollar signs substituted for the letter “s” a deeper, ever-inscrutable portrait of life in Die Antwoord’s home country. Also, a track called “Baby’s On Fire,” which has no apparent connection to the Brian Eno track of the same name, beyond its use as a jumping-off point by aging record geeks attempting to connect with their younger counterparts. “Oh, so you’d probably like Here Come The Warm Jets,” they’ll say—though that name-drop will likely be drowned out by the sounds of African chants, “bumping Euro trance club” beats, and the juxtaposition of poetic dispatches from the South African streets and lyrics like “Unlimited supply of bitches / Playboy don’t play with me.”