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New Detective Pikachu footage here to remind us that real-life Pokémon are the frickin' worst

Just when we’d thought we’d fully acclimated to the world of the upcoming Detective Pikachu—what with its coffee-asshole yellow rats, fire-breathing murder dragons, and the upsetting, almost-human thing that is Mr. Mime—the Ryan Reynolds vehicle had to unleash a new bit of footage, just to remind us all that a world with real-life Pokémon would be really fucking gross.

Most of the footage in this new TV spot is old hat, so we’ll direct you right to the bit that had our flesh crawling. It’s at 12 seconds in, when we get our first look at this universe’s version of that old Pokémon reliable, Lickitung. Or, even better: Here, have a GIF of hell unfurling.


Look, we know that “big gross tongue” is kind of Lickitung’s thing—it is “The Licking Pokémon,” after all. But still, we can only imagine the film’s animators arguing about this particular addition to its universe. “Wetter,” one of them whispers, daring the universe to strike them down with some sort of cosmic human resources strike. “The tongue needs to be so much wetter.”

Detective Pikachu invites us into its nightmare on May 10.

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