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We would certainly not tell Jerry Seinfeld how to put together a comedy premise, since he’s Jerry Seinfeld and we are not, but the opening of this trailer for the new season of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee is a little shaky. Zipping around on a Hoverboard (very timely!), Seinfeld mentions that a bunch of other people have ripped off the whole Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee concept and rattles off a bunch of imitators, all of which are apparently real but the vast majority of which are either old, are overt Comedians In Cars parodies, or are so obscure that nobody should really care about them in the first place. It’s just kind of weird to be like, “You’ve heard so much about Funny Uber Rides, but why watch that when you can watch the show with Jerry Seinfeld?” Yeah, we get it. Obviously everyone would rather watch the show with Jerry Seinfeld, which is why Comedians In Cars is a lon-running series on Netflix and Funny Uber Rides can’t even be Googled easily.

Anyway, the new season is coming on July 19, and it will feature such comedians as Eddie Murphy, Seth Rogen, Melissa Villaseñor, Jamie Foxx, Ricky Gervais, and more.


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