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New clips from Quibi's Reno 911! and Dishmantled actually make a damn good case for Quibi

Illustration for article titled New clips from Quibis iReno 911! /iand iDishmantled/i actually make a damn good case for Quibi
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We’ve had a lot of fun at Quibi’s expense here at this website, from the name to… well, it’s mostly the name (it’s short for “quick bites of content,” after all), but we’re not too proud to admit when we’re overly snarky about something. It’s still too early to offer a judgment on Quibi as a whole, but this new clip from its revival of Comedy Central classic Reno 911! is so good that we think this whole “quick bites of content” thing just might work out. It’s not even two minutes long and it has several good jokes! Granted, the cast of the show includes some very well-practiced improvisers reprising characters they’re very familiar with, but we could see someone watching this for 10 minutes on their phone or whatever. The squirrels are singing! Ha ha, it feels good to laugh again.

Similarly surprisingly good: This teaser for Dishmantled, a cooking show where host Tituss Burgess launches exploding food at the faces of contestants who then have to figure out what they were just hit with and turn those ingredients into a viable food dish. It’s dumb, but it’s not even the dumbest idea on the Quibi slate, and Burgess seems to be having so much fun with it that we’re starting to think we would have fun with it too. And for only 10 minutes! We’ve done worse things for 10 minutes, certainly. Then again, there is… the name.

Quibi will launch on April 6, and you can see more quick bites of its content over here.


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