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New Chemical Brothers video is all about the plight of downtrodden cyborgs

The Chemical Brothers announced their first proper album in five years back in April, and with that album—Born In The Echoes—hitting stores early last month, the band has now released a crazy new video for its first track, “Sometimes I Feel So Deserted.” Unlike the band’s last video, this one isn’t just a bunch of groovy shapes, though. It has characters, drama, and some kind of bizarre plot about cyborg people. As far as we can tell, the lead cyborg woman is being chased by some cyborg-hunting dudes in a van, and she runs into an old cyborg buddy who is significantly worse off than she is. We’re not sure what the point of any of it is, but it looks pretty cool and it’s set to a new-ish Chemical Brothers song. We’ve heard worse reasons to watch a cyborg woman face off against some jerks in a van.

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