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New chart tracks whether each state tweets more about Netflix or sex

It’s hard not to imagine Twitter as the subconscious of the Internet, with millions of people each day broadcasting every fleeting thought, idea, or sandwich they have into the ether without a moment’s hesitation. Sigmund Freud believed that exploring the subconscious could teach us about ourselves, and so, presumably, Twitter holds the secrets to humanity’s deep-seated wants and desires, especially those related to self-promotion, dick jokes, and sandwiches.

Hence this series of infographics, produced by real estate blog Movoto, which took 300,000 tweets, divided them by state, and then pitted incidences of several common keywords against each other. Some of these break down along the lines you’d expect, based on regional stereotypes—people in the South and the Midwest tweet more about “Church” than “Sex,” for instance—but some of the other trends might catch you by surprise. Texans, for instance, tweet more about their girlfriends than they do about sports—a revelation we can only assume Hank Hill would meet with a terrified “BWAAAAA!


The ultimate question, of course, is the one that captures the two forces that Freud himself believed were at constant war in the human psyche: Eros (love) and Thanatos (streaming episodes of Archer). Hence, the chart that pits Netflix vs. Sex, with sex coming out the victor, which is probably good news for the continuation of the species. Except, of course, in a few states, like New Hampshire, Utah, and Wyoming, where the populations will presumably dwindle, too wrapped up in old episodes of My Cat From Hell to muster the energy to breed.

You can see the rest of the charts in this handy flipbook thing, or on the Movoto Blog itself.


via Movoto

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