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New cartoons from the Homestar Runner guys debut today

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Mike and Matt Chapman—better known by the nom de web The Brothers Chaps—have been entertaining the Internet since the turn of the millennium, presaging the rise of web video through their popular animated series Homestar Runner. The cartoon that launched a thousand memes and online catchphrases, Homestar Runner entered a semipermanent hiatus in 2010 (though it’s since sprung back to life, “sporadically and without warning”), during which the Chapmans explored other creative avenues—including a development deal with Disney Television Animation.


Now the fruits of that deal (beyond the Chaps’ contributions to Disney’s Gravity Falls and Wander Over Yonder) can be harvested: Two More Eggs, a series of 40 original shorts that will debut online before airing on Disney XD later this year. “Disney’s support has allowed us to organically evolve these weird cartoons in exactly the way we imagined,” the brothers say in a statement. “We’ve worked on these shorts with the same autonomy as with our own ‘Homestar Runner’ cartoons, and it’s been tons of fun.”

That autonomy is apparent in one of the three Two More Eggs shorts that dropped today, “Dooble: Dooblie Doo.” In introducing a scruffy, potbellied character named Dooble, “Dooblie Doo” relies on several Brothers Chaps hallmarks: Charmingly limited Flash animation, absurdist gags (what did the businessman at 0:34 do to earn a styrofoam-cup-pelting from Dooble?), funny voices, silly hats, and maddeningly catchy songwriting. The bad news is you’ll have Dooble’s theme song stuck in your head for the rest of the afternoon; the good news is you’ve finally found a tune that can chase “Everybody To The Limit” out of there. Three episodes in, and Two More Eggs is already providing invaluable services to the online masses.

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