As previously reported, the new Bruce Springsteen album is supposed to be his "angriest" ever and feature decidedly non-E Street elements like loops and Irish folk touches. But the first single, the just posted "We Take Care Of Our Own," is fixed squarely in The Boss' wheelhouse, with pounding drums, an anthemic string-laden chorus, pointed lyrics about America that could be mistaken for simple-minded boosterism by listeners who take the chorus at face value ("We take care of our own/wherever this flag is flown"), and lots of la-la-la's. It's one of 11 songs on the newly titled Wrecking Ball, which will come out March 5 in the U.K. and March 6 in the U.S. Listen to "We Take Care Of Our Own" below. [via Consequence Of Sound]

Wrecking Ball Tracklist:
1. We Take Care of Our Own
2. Easy Money
3. Shackled and Down
4. Jack of All Trades
5. Death to My Hometown
6. The Depression
7. Wrecking Ball
8. You’ve Got It
9. Rocky Ground
10. Land of Hope and Dreams
11. We Are Live
12. Swallowed Up (iTunes Bonus Track)
13. American Land (iTunes Bonus Track)