Citing an anonymous "earwitness" who has supposedly heard some of the album, The Hollywood Reporter says that the forthcoming record by Bruce Springsteen And The E Street Band is "very rock and roll" and "gets into economic justice quite a bit." Which is sort of like saying "it has guitars" and "good lyrics," but, wait, there's more: "He feels it's the angriest album he's ever made," reports the source. "Bear in mind, though, that [Springsteen] wrote and recorded the majority of the album before the Occupy movements started, so he's not just setting headlines to music.”

The not-yet-titled record is produced by Ron Aniello and is said to include “unexpected textures—loops, electronic percussion… an amazing sweep of influences and rhythms, from hip-hop to Irish folk rhythms.” Hm, a 60something classic-rocker playing around with "loops"—that's not often a good thing. Still, the source insists that the record is, of course, "terrific." We remain anxious to hear it.