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New Breaking Bad game will hopefully make cooking meth as fun as it was on the show

Photo: AMC

If you strip away the murder, toxic masculinity, and general bleak misery, the world of Breaking Bad sure seems like a fun place to live. You can visit the Los Pollos Hermanos! You can get represented in court by Saul Goodman! You can get rich cooking meth so you can “help your family” and then become such a dark motherfucker that you push literally everyone away until you build a machine gun robot to kill some skinheads and then die surrounded by the drug paraphernalia you loved so much! Wait, that does involve murder, toxic masculinity, and general bleak misery…

Either way, the world of Breaking Bad seems like a blast, and an upcoming free-to-play mobile game will finally let you live out your Breaking Bad fantasies without, you know, breaking bad. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the game will be called Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements, and it’ll be a strategy game that drops players “into the deep end of Vince Gilligan’s absorbing, morally ambiguous universe.” (Psst: It wasn’t that ambiguous in the last couple seasons.)


We don’t know what the moment-to-moment gameplay will involve, but we do know that Walt, Jesse, Gus Fring, Saul Goodman, and Mike Ehrmantraut will all appear in some capacity, and THR suspects that the game will involve “navigating moral dilemmas and volatile personalities.” Vince Gilligan himself also has positive things to say about the project, saying it’ll be an “authentic extension of the series’ story universe.” Really, if they wanted to make an impact on par with Breaking Bad, the should make it about an increasingly evil science teacher who gets rich selling randomized loot boxes in a video game instead of crystal meth.

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