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New Boardwalk Empire trailer premières, now featuring actual dialogue

So far the only glimpse we’ve seen of HBO’s upcoming 1920s gangster series Boardwalk Empire has been via mostly dialogue-free glimpses of Steve Buscemi smoking and various jaunty chaps getting bottles smashed right across their foreheads. But this just-released 90-second trailer gives us a much more in-depth glimpse at Martin Scorsese and Sopranos writer Terence Winter’s vision for the show, which—within this obviously limited first impression, at least—promises to make good on their respective pedigrees. Here we meet both Buscemi’s Atlantic City impresario “Nucky” Thompson and Michael Shannon as the lawman trying to bring him down, interspersed with brief glimpses of fellow stars Michael K. Williams and Kelly MacDonald, and a whole lot of Prohibition-era spectacle (it’s not for nothing that it’s the network’s most expensive show ever) set to a Scorsese-appropriate ‘60s guitar riff. Boardwalk Empire premières this fall.

Preview Trailer #3

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