J.J. Abrams may have revived the Star Trek film franchise, but the posters for his two films in the series haven’t been as inventive, mostly employing stark light/dark contrast to play along with the gritty reboot trend, lacking the bright colors of previous one-sheets. Star Trek fan and graphic artist Juan Ortiz looked even further into the past, imagining if every episode of the original Star Trek series had been a film. His new book contains a retro science-fiction movie poster for all 80 episodes in the first series’ run. There’s a wide variety of graphics, tuned to the themes of each episode. “The Immunity Syndrome” gets a splatter-paint design, “Mirror Mirror” reflects Spock and his goatee-clad evil counterpart, and many owe a debt to Saul Bass—the first appearance of Khan in “Space Seed”—or science fiction paperback cover designs.