Some actors, after finishing a particularly iconic role, are eager to move on, for fear that they’ll be too closely associated with only one character. Not so for everybody’s favorite meth dealer Aaron Paul, who has decided to spin a little of that Jesse Pinkman verbal straw into iPhone app gold. The actor has launched an app based on his Breaking Bad character’s signature phrase, providing “colorful greetings for you and your friends.” (No word on whether Toys “R” Us feels a bit less special now.)


The app, appropriately called “YB,” is free to download, and allows you to deliver variants of the signature “bitch” expression toward a variety of ends. There’s the standard “Yo, bitch” (which can be set to “annoyed,” “excited,” or “whisper”), as well as multiple versions of “I love you, bitch.”

In the name of strict scientific testing, we’ve already downloaded the app, and unsurprisingly, it turns out there’s a slight catch—of the money-making variety. The app comes pre-loaded with the four “Yo, bitch” expressions, but any further additions to your warehouse of “bitch” iterations will run you at least 99 cents from an in-app purchase. You can take the actor out of the hustler role, but you can’t take the desire to profit from yelling, “Shalom, bitch!” out of Aaron Paul.