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New Animal Collective album, Centipede Hz, due Sept. 4

Animal Collective has announced its first album in three years, Centipede Hz, in an appropriately alienating way, via a screechy, fuzzy video that appears to flash song titles amid a mostly incomprehensible din. It's the sort of gesture that people are bound to find either brilliant and exhilarating or tiresome and self-indulgent. Either way, the record will be out Sept. 4, and you can see the full tracklist below. (Neither of the songs that Animal Collective recently debuted online are on the record.)

1. Moonjock
2. Today's Supernatural
3. Rosie Oh
4. Applesauce
5. Wide Eyed
6. Father Time
7. New Town Burnout
8. Monkey Riches
9. Mercury Man
10. Pulleys
11. Amanita


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