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New ads continue to explore Matthew McConaughey’s symbiotic relationship with Lincoln

The McConaissance is so 2014. 2015 is almost upon us, so get ready for a full-blown McCarnaissance. Continuing a relationship that may actually have begun as a feature-length Trojan horse and is seemingly impervious to parody, Lincoln has released two more ads starring Matthew McConaughey.

These new commercials find McConaughey under the increasingly potent grip of the Lincoln MKZ. In first ad, a bearded McConaughey stares vacantly out over LA, before revealing what “it’s about,” namely the pursuit of socially conscious actions that don’t come at any personal cost, like buying a cool new Lincoln MKZ Hybrid. Then you’ll find that “sweet spot.”

In the second ad, McConaughey sits in a cafe, sipping water as he keeps vigil over his Lincoln MKZ parked outside in the rain. The two seem to share a soulful, unrelenting bond, but hell if Academy Award-winning actor McConaughey is going to drive around town in lousy weather. As the rain softly peters out, he smilingly enters his MKZ, opens the sunroof, and the pair disappear into Los Angeles’ 2nd Street Tunnel.

McConaughey understands if you don’t have a Lincoln, man. But it’d be a lot cooler if you did.


[Via Entertainment Weekly]

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