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Never mind the DNC, Susan Sarandon and Shailene Woodley still feel the Bern

Susan Sarandon and Shailene Woodley (Photos: Roy Rochlin/Getty Images; Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Susan Sarandon attended the opening of the Democratic National Convention last night, but not as one of Hillary Clinton’s celebrity supporters. While stars like Demi Lovato and Eva Longoria took to the stage to sing Clinton’s praises (sometimes literally), Sarandon watched from the audience. And she was not pleased with what she saw.


A GIF of Sarandon looking disappointed by the DNC proceedings began to circulate on the internet. Now This News journalist Ian McKenna, who created the GIF, tweeted, “Susan Sarandon is having literally the worst time at the #DemConvention.” In a moment of peak 2016, Sarandon—while still at the convention—retweeted the GIF with the message, “Accurate.”

And she isn’t the only die hard Sanders-supporting celebrity left in the pack. The Fault In Our Stars’ Shailene Woodley spearheaded a campaign that raised money to help Sanders supporters travel to Philadelphia in order to protest the DNC. It’s part of the “Up To Us” movement that is trying to continue Sanders’ political revolution even as he moves to support Clinton.

“It is no longer your decision if you’re going to run for President or not,” an Up To Us speaker explained in one of the group’s recent videos, “It is ours.” Woodley even hosted a Climate Change rally in Philadelphia on Sunday where, yes, Sarandon was a speaker.


For her part, former Sanders supporter Sarah Silverman has thrown her support behind Clinton. Speaking at the DNC last night she even ad-libbed the line, “To the Bernie or Bust People, you’re being ridiculous.” But, as to be expected, the most passionate political message of all came from Randy Quaid:


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