A mere three days after it was announced that Patton Oswalt was cast in NBC’s Beach Lane opposite Matthew Broderick, The Hollywood Reporter is saying that Oswalt has already been ousted from the show. Oswalt had been cast as “James, a slacker with inherited wealth who's given the job of running a small Hamptons newspaper, who hires a renowned journalist (Broderick) to help turn the paper around.” Producers have now supposedly offered him a smaller, lesser role, but there’s no word yet from Oswalt whether he’d even be interested in sticking around a show that gave him the ol’ “Rachel Dratch.” (Our guess is no.) Also unclear: why anyone would lose Patton Oswalt on purpose. Until we get the full story on what, exactly, happened, we’ll just have to wildly speculate. So we’re going with “Patton pulled a Tony Clifton and showed up arm-in-arm with drunk hookers." In which case, wow, yeah, that might explain it.