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The Internet overflowed with “Tweet Is Murder” jokes earlier this week, after it seemed Morrissey had at last joined Twitter. His alleged first tweet (“Hello. Testing. 1, 2, 3. Planet Earth, are you there? One can only hope…”) seemed to be in voice, at least, and the Mozzer quickly attracted a quarter of a million followers on the social networking service. (Still, subsequent tweets make the account seem fairly… business-related. As in “come to this show, pre-order the record,” etc.) There’s only one problem: Morrissey says it’s not him.


In a post on the fairly janky but historically legit Morrissey fan site True To You, the legendary curmudgeon (or someone once again pretending to be him) said he has neither a Twitter nor a Facebook account, and that @ItsMorrissey is “bogus”—“if you should remotely care.” The @ItsMorrissey page is, of course, already verified, meaning that someone on Morrissey’s “team” or record label must have gone ahead and launched the page without the singer’s consent. Stranger things have certainly happened—especially where Morrissey is involved. 

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