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Never mind, Jay-Z will still be saying the word "bitch"

In news that surely heralds a serious step backward for women, Jay-Z has denied those earlier reports that he planned to drop “bitch” from his lyrical repertoire, as well as that he’d written a poem disavowing the word after having a daughter of his own. The rapper who still reserves the right to say the word “bitch” where merited, such as when proudly calling another man’s attention to his significant other, reportedly “scoffed” at the notion in a brief interview with the New York Daily News, timed to promote the reopening of his 40/40 Club for gentlemen and their bitches. “That poem and story are fake,” Jay-Z said, without further elaboration, because he is Jay-Z. In addition to confirming that Jay-Z won’t have to resort to other, lesser synonyms to refer to the women in his life, the report reveals that either the poem’s initial source, mysteriously disappeared Rolling Out blogger Renee Gardner, spends her spare time concocting fake Jay-Z poetry, or that “Jay-Z” is the hip-hop “Carolyn Keene.” [via Billboard]


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