If there’s anyone on the minds and tongues of every Hollywood backlot, it’s Dr. Tobias Fünke. Yes, everyone is sick and tired of hearing about how brilliant that well-known blow-hard and licensed analrapist is—but that’s not keeping him from exposing each and every one of his parts (look at all these parts!) on the interactive audition reel Insert Me Anywhere. What only appears to be a viral marketing effort for Tobias’ 15 latest rendezvous with the various members of the Bluth family is in fact your chance to catch him in the act, helpfully staged against a green screen so that Tobias Fünke can be plugged into any open hole a director might have. Also available in tremendous amounts: Double entendres.

Of course, if you’re just a plain, old, everyday Arrested Development fan, there are plenty of callbacks and Easter eggs littered around the website, including a banner ad for another fake site, this one for ManGo! Juice, which boasts the unfortunate URL mangoinyourmouth.com. Best of all, in the unlikely event you somehow find the new episode revolving around David Cross’ character lacking, you could reshape and bend “Tobias” to fit your wildest fantasies using Insert Me Anywhere. See the video below for a crash course on how to use all of the men inside Tobias Fünke.

Do think we’d like to do it a little more simply maybe?