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Scream 4

After being left out of MTV’s Scream TV show, Neve Campbell has decided to join another series about unrepentant murderers: Netflix’s House Of Cards. That comes from Deadline, which doesn’t know anything concrete about Campbell’s character other than that she’ll be “a new lady.” Apparently, though, the hot rumor is that the next season will introduce “a new, younger couple” to rival Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright—who were facing a bit of rough patch in the season three finale. If that’s the case—and Neve Campbell is now the hip, young version of Robin Wright—then who could be the hip, young version of Kevin Spacey? It would have to be someone who can do a completely absurd (yet somehow good) accent and can also play a character who is just as likable on the surface as he is terrifyingly psychotic in private. Maybe one of Campbell’s old Scream co-stars? Are David Arquette and Jamie Kennedy up to anything these days?


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