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Nevada's state legislature is well on its way to banning decorative lawns

King Of The Hill
King Of The Hill
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Most of us have at least begrudgingly accepted that past generations’ much-vaunted life goals are now, at best, an American Pipe Dream. For those of you still on the white picket fence about that sentiment: try affording the oh-so-luxurious, single-income working class life depicted on The Simpsons in present-day 2021.


And speaking of white picket fences, you’ll probably soon be forced to stop leaning against them whether you want to or not.

As first reported last week by The Las Vegas Review-Journal, Nevada’s legislature will soon consider passing a bill which includes a rapid, statewide phasing out of decorative lawns by 2026. The bill was first proposed by the Southern Nevada Water Authority. The organization estimates that getting rid of non-native, ornamental grassy spaces near housing developments, businesses, and non-recreational spaces, could conceivably save the state around 12 million gallons of water per year.

Still, the potential law up wouldn’t affect many private lawns...although it really should. “Even thinking beyond the insane amounts of water that turf requires, yards—often doused in fertilizers and pesticides designed to keep any and all natural wildlife away—have also become human monuments against biodiversity,” explained Nick Martin at The New Republic earlier this week.

But really, everyone should consider getting creative with their yard spaces, with or without Nevada’s passage of the new bill...lest we end up here.

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