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Network claiming to be MTV renews Catfish for third season

In excellent news for all those who enjoy watching people find their true love on the Internet—then find them in a disgusting hovel, approximately 100 pounds heavier than they claimed to be and boasting unexpected genitalia—Catfish has been picked up for a third season on MTV. Variety passed along an announcement that was apparently made last week on the show’s Facebook page, which will, as these things go, eventually turn out to really belong to The Hard Times Of R.J. Berger, which only ever wanted someone to love it. In turn, Catfish stars Nev Schulman and Max Joseph will track that message they received about getting renewed all the way back to MTV, only to discover that “MTV” is just a teenage reality show network who’s been hiding behind photos of the MTV logo all this time. And I’ll be revealed to be Queen guitarist Brian May, just fucking with you.


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