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Netflix's "Spoiler Foiler" prevents Twitter from spoiling Breaking Bad

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It’s a weekly tradition: live-tweeting television shows while other people complain about spoilers abound all over Twitter before they get to watch an episode. For those who find themselves unable to watch this Sunday’s Breaking Bad finale and are incapable of staying off Twitter during that time, consider checking out Netflix's new feature. The site's Spoiler Foiler filters Twitter feeds to redact any Tweet with “breaking” or “bad,” even when out of context, making it safe for belated viewers to roam Twitter wondering whether something is a spoiler about Walter White’s fate or someone just had a bad meal at a new restaurant. Presumably the feature will be altered in the future to prevent spoilers for other shows, or you could just learn how to set Twitter filters and this kind of branded assistance for those afraid to be away from social networking would be moot.

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