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Netflix's new docuseries investigates "secretive Christian organization" influencing the White House

Scroll through Twitter and you’re likely to read about a number of “secret organizations” polluting the Deep State of American politics, almost all of which are apparently brimming with pedophiles. There’s nothing so sensational in The Family, the latest docuseries from Netflix, but the quiet threat explored in this five-part investigative series is all too real. It follows The Fellowship, a Christian fundamentalist organization that, for years, has exerted influence over our nation’s leadership without drawing attention to itself. One of their goals? Ensuring church and state don’t stay separate.


They seem not to mind this light being shed on their operation, however, as the filmmakers received “unprecedented participation from members of the organization.” Per TheWrap, The Fellowship’s been involved in both policy-making around the globe and “widespread political scandals.” They’re also enmeshed in the Trump administration, with one of its members calling the president an “imperfect vessel” for God. That’s one way of putting it.

The Family debuts on Netflix on August 9.

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