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Netflix wins Ava DuVernay's Nipsey Hussle documentary

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Photo: Frazer Harrison (Getty Images)

After what Deadline says was an “intense bidding war,” Netflix has come away with what could be a pretty big project: A feature-length documentary about murdered rapper and activist Nipsey Hussle from Ava DuVernay that apparently went for somewhere in the “high eight figures.” That’s a lot of money, but this project does have DuVernay and the blessing of Nipsey Hussle’s family, with the rapper’s estate apparently actively reaching out to DuVernay in hopes that she would take on his story. DuVernay previously made the incarceration documentary 13th and the Emmy-winning drama miniseries When They See Us, both of which were also on Netflix and both of which were cited in the Hussle estate’s pitch to DuVernay (according to Deadline).


DuVernay has been very busy lately, developing an adaptation of the DMZ comic, a drama about the oil industry for TNT, and a little DC project about Jack Kirby’s awesomely wacky New Gods—complete with DC mega-villain Darkseid and his many evil goons. Oh, also, she’s a Funko Pop figure. That doesn’t require any extra work on her part, we assume, but the knowledge that she’s been immortalized as a Funko must hang in the air around her at least.

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