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Netflix will find out if you like Green Eggs And Ham when it debuts on November 8

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If you’ve been wondering about the new Netflix series Green Eggs And Ham and how it will wrest a 13-episode series from a 64-page book, your curiosity is about to be sated. Netflix announces today that the series will debut a month from now, on November 8. According to the IMDB, the show is “the most expensive animated series, roughly costing $6M per episode.” We suspect a good portion of that budget is steered toward the salaries of its immense and impressive cast, which includes not just Pitch Perfect’s Adam Devine as everyone’s favorite verdant food enthusiast Sam-I-Am, but Michael Douglas as the skeptical and unfortunately named Guy-I-Am, along with Keegan Michael-Key as the narrator, Jillian Bell as Glutz, Diane Keaton as Michellee, Tracy Morgan as Fox, Daveed Diggs as Mouse, and John Turturro as Goat. The show’s “cinema-quality hand-drawn 2D animation” likely doesn’t come cheap either.

We’ve already reported that the series will be less an eternal culinary debate and more a “postmodern Planes, Trains and Automobiles through the whimsical world of Dr. Seuss,” according to Netflix. The series bills Jared Stern, writer of The Lego Batman Movie, as creator, obviously building off of the Dr. Seuss classic, with Ellen DeGeneres as one of the executive producers. We can only hope the test audience comment cards stayed with the theme, though: “Would you like it in the air? Would you like it in a pair? Would you like it on your deck? Would you like it after Shrek?”

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